Bon Jovi gave THE Interview of the week and slashes against Steve Jobs

The interview created quite a big buzz since Bon Jovi blamed Steve Jobs “for killing the music business”.


On the one hand Bon Jovi’s opinion is understandable: Itunes made it unnecessary for people to go to a record shop. No more hassle with driving to the city, buying the album and driving back. Now, they could just buy it with basically one click. Suddenly music became really easy accessible for mostly even a lower price than previously. Obviously the music business is not really happy with earning less money per CD.

Or was it Napster?

But wasn’t this development bound to happen soon anyway? With the start of Napster online consumption of music really started of. Some people didn’t like using Napster since it was illegal and therefore ITunes provided a nice and easy solution for them. After Napster shut down  many of the illegal music downloader became users of ITunes due to the low prices. Music became basically so cheap that it was for many people not worth it anymore to download it from some shady websites. ITunes and therefore its creator Steve Jobs, didn’t do anything wrong, they just provided a legal alternative for music buying and consumption when the music business couldn’t or didn’t want to do it.

Nowadays the internet is surrounding us 24/7, it would be unimaginable if the music business wouldn’t be partly happening online as well. Therefore it only seems logical now that Itunes came into existence.

Or ITunes and therefore Steve Jobs?

Additionally ITunes gives the user the opportunity to only buy the songs he/she really wants without being stuck with a whole album the user might not be interested in. This is really nice for the user, but for the music business it is disastrous! Less people are spending money on a full album and thereby destroying the overall artwork of many artists. The artwork, the construction and the songs are not randomly chosen by the artist but are arranged as a personal art piece of the artist. By only purchasing a few songs the user does not listen to the songs like it is intended to be, part of the listening experience is gone.

Overall I think Steve Jobs didn’t kill the music business but pushed it in a new direction and gave it a new life online.

Bon Jovi is probably not totally against ITunes since he also earns money with it…


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