How do you stimulate the creative process?

Big companies often have several divisions within the company. Each department is responsible for their own tasks and communicates with other departments only when needed. But why not combine all the strengths and services of each individual and departments together?

 All companies of Rookie Music International met up on Monday for some creativity in the sun.Each company had to think of 3 services they can offer the rest, and had to present this in a creative way! In the end several ideas where generated to create revenue for Rookie, combining all the services offered. Ideas such as:

– A workshop event

– Rent out the school studio

– Give social media classes to companies

– Use a Polaroid camera at parties, make instant photos and sell them for 1 euro

– A Food Fair fundraise

All these ideas where thought of in less than an hour!

How do you stimulate the creative process?

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