Slap in Apple’s face by Google Music?

On Tuesday Google launched a new music service: Google Music Beta. This service allows you to upload all your music and organize it. It will sync all your music devices and enables you to access your music everywhere. Right now you can only use it by invite and in the USA. But no doubt that it will come across the big pond as well. Here you can watch a video which explains how the new music service works:

Sounds too good to be true? Find a first review of the offered service here.

If it will really be a slap in the facefor Apple is not decided yet. Until Google does not offer an online buying service it will probably not be a huge threat. In the future we will see how the Beta Version develops and how big the acceptance within the customers is. But this definitely shows that there is a world outside apple services and devices, increasing hope for all android mobile phone users.



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