What went wrong with MySpace?

Many of you are probably familiar with MySpace and Facebook, and are registered users at the websites. Lately I realize that I don’t really care about MySpace account anymore. I have Facebook, all my friends have Facebook and all my favorite artists have Facebook. Which lead t a severe case of account ignorance.

What went wrong there? Was it just me, or was it not just my fault?

Let’s look back a bit…

When MySpace was founded in 2003, they gained 100 million fans all over the world. After the rise of Facebook in 2008 (after they made it accessible for everyone, and no longer just for students), that number dropped rapidly. And still is. The amount 100 million users of MySpace was their one and only peak. In 2010 Facebook had over 500 million users, 5 times the amount of MySpace users in 2003.

When I did a little bit of research to this phenomenon, I came across a lot of articles with a whole bunch numbers explaining to me what I kind of already knew. Facebook’s numbers are rising, where MySpace is losing users like trees in the autumn are losing their leaves.
A lot of people have opinions (and are not afraid of sharing them), but real reason I could not find. I think no one really knows. This situation just shows how whimsical social media users can be. They go where their friends go. Which makes sense of course. I tend to do the same, so I am not judging anyone. There is no way of predict what the next hype on social media is going to be.

Would it not be boring if we could predict that? Would everyone follow the predictions, or would the majority of the overall social media users be rebellious and sign up for a different service? Or maybe that would be predicted as well? The fast changing world of the internet and social media makes it interesting, why change that?

What do you think?


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