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Flash mobs as marketing tool?

A flashmob is when a group of people suddenly assemble at a public place to perform an unusual act for a short period of time often for the purpose of entertainment. The flash mobs are organized via social media mostly, viral media or telecommunications.  

The first flashmob took place in Manhattan 2003. Since then several flash mobs have been taking place all over the world. On March 22nd 2008, the biggest international flash mob to date took place in 25 different cities all over the world. In New York City alone more then 5000 people participated in a pillow fight. As one of the participants I can tell you it was a blast!

Flash mobs are now often used by companies as a guerrilla marketing tool, but does this really work?

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Good morning, good news

Thanks to Hoppala AR Content Platform, now we can easily create and maintain a content within AR. The service offers solution to generate and manage points of interest (POI) that can be integrated with Layar, Wikitude or Junaio platform. It simply runs in a browser (no Chrome support!) and no coding needed at all. It was available since Summer, 2010, but only with Layar support. Bruce Sterling in his blog “Beyond the Beyond” suggested that “it may be a mere matter of time before we can augment reality by snapping our fingers at it”

So, this morning started with tests. A few POI placed in front of InHolland University. In result we were able to see information using smartphone and any of three major AR browsers. Indeed, it worked on ease with Layar, but had major troubles with Junaio.

Nevertheless, it is a great opportunity for small businesses to reach their target group spending very little money, as no coders and expensive developers required anymore. Our team is looking forward to it, and will try to implement Hoppala in our marketing campaign.

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