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Viva Las Vegas!

What do these artists have in common?

Barry Manilow, Celine Dion, Donny Osmond, Garth Brooks, Gladys Knight, Matt Goss, Randy Travis, Rick Springfield and Steel Panther.

They are all playing regular shows in Las Vegas. It just has been confirmed that Shania Twain will perform 60 concerts in Las Vegas starting December 2012.

Of course you cannot only find famous singers doing shows in Las Vegas, but also comedians like David Spade or celebrities like Holly Madison.

The list of performers is endlessly long and shows top artists. Some artists even come back after a few years like Celine Dion and Elton John. But what is it that triggers these artists to perform in Las Vegas?

Is it the money? Normally you would expect that artists like Celine Dion and Elton John have already earned a lot of money and do not need a performing gig like this to keep their life style.

Are they bored? After living a life on the fast lane with tours, it is probably quite shocking to suddenly be at home without having to travel for business anymore.

Exploring their creativity? Since the shows performed in Las Vegas are not moving over the whole globe there are more possibilities to set up a show, for more special effects. The Hotels and Casinos where the celebrities are performing are providing them with almost endless possibilities to fulfill their creative freedom just to get them to sign on to their Casino and Hotel.

Experiencing some stability? With a show in Las Vegas, the celebrities get to do what they love: performing. They have regular performances and therefore a regular schedule. Most shows are even scheduled over three years. This makes the future more predictable and provides stability to the former traveling live.

Personally I think that all of these factors influence the decisions of big artists like Celine Dion. The money is probably not the most important factor to do it, but they get paid so much it is like a really nice bonus. Other than the money they get to do what they love again: performing. They can do it without the hassel of traveling around the world and they can create their own big show.

I think it’s a great oppertunity for the aging artists to explore their creativity and perform for their fans.

What do you think?


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Music Videos: From Michael Jackson to Lady Gaga

We are currently busy with preparing a video shoot for our artist Dené Theron tomorrow for the song “Roadtrip”.

Music Videos are getting more important for artists. It’s like their business card and presentation of their new product (new song) in one. It can have a huge impact on the success of a song. There are even award shows just for Music Videos like the MTV Music Video Awards.

It is widely believed that Music Videos started out with the launch of MTV in the USA in 1981. The first video broadcasted was “Video killed the Radio Star” by The Buggles.

But the original beginning importance of Music Videos started in Australia in a TV Show called “Countdown” in 1974. They used Music Video Clips to promote artists who were appearing on the show.

Since then and the start of MTV Music Videos changed a lot. And also in some way not that much. From Michael Jackson’s epic 14min long “Thriller” Music Video in 1984 to Lady GaGa feat Beyonce’s almost 10min “Telephone” Music Video.

Sometimes they tell storys like Lady Gaga’s and Beyonce’s “Telephone” Music Video, sometimes they are just funny like Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” , sometimes they work with a lot of animation like Katy Perry feat Kanye West’s “E.T.” or sometimes they just put the artist itself in the focus like Usher’s “More”. But almost never they just display the music.

No matter what they show most Music Videos are really expensive. The most expensive Music Video has cost 7mio US$ in 1995 and is by Michael Jackson feat Janet Jackson “Scream”.

In the end Music Videos are an entertaining tool for the artist to express themselves creatively and to present their newest song. With the success of Youtube Music Videos became important and people still love to watch them even if famous TV channels like MTV are not showing them as much anymore as they used to.

Check back to see with what kind of MusicVideo Dené Theron is going to surprise you!

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Momo Unplugged

Studio Momo located at the Herengracht in Amsterdam regularly organizes live acoustic performances on a Saturday night. On Saturday May 20th I went to check out Momo Unplugged for the first time. Here local artists get the change to perform in a unique small setting for a small audience of up to 40 people. On Saturday the session was streamed for the first time, for more people to enjoy this great initiative by Natacha d’Ansembourg, the owner of Studio Momo. The night was hosted by co-organizer and singer/songwriter Petra Jordan.

Photo’s by Micha Shellhaas.

The streaming was recorded and can be watched back right here and here!

There is no set date yet for the next Momo Unplugged but it is planned to happen in September. To stay up to date please check the website  or Facebook.

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Happy Easter!

Time is flying and coming sunday and monday we already celebrate Easter. Even though Easter for many is about their religion, for most of us here it reminds us of egg hunts! Each year you see children on the streets, in parks and at home searching for eggs. They look everywhere, behind every corner, under blankets and much more!
As an artist management company or A&R department of a record company, a search is always done to find new talents. Just like easter eggs, you never know where you are going to find that new talent. At the most unexpected places, at the most unexpected times, things can happen  that you do not expact.
Let’s see what you find this weekend!?
Happy Easter from Holly Blue Productions!

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How do you stimulate the creative process?

Big companies often have several divisions within the company. Each department is responsible for their own tasks and communicates with other departments only when needed. But why not combine all the strengths and services of each individual and departments together?

 All companies of Rookie Music International met up on Monday for some creativity in the sun.Each company had to think of 3 services they can offer the rest, and had to present this in a creative way! In the end several ideas where generated to create revenue for Rookie, combining all the services offered. Ideas such as:

– A workshop event

– Rent out the school studio

– Give social media classes to companies

– Use a Polaroid camera at parties, make instant photos and sell them for 1 euro

– A Food Fair fundraise

All these ideas where thought of in less than an hour!

How do you stimulate the creative process?

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Pimp your office!

An estimated 70 percent of workers spend their time in cubicles. Where would you do your best work? Can you sit in a grey cubicle and come out with productive, creative ideas?

“They provide pseudo-privacy at best, and are terrible for spontaneous communication,” says Franklin Becker, director of the International Workplace Studies Program at Cornell University. Despite the high-walled cubicle offices perform the worst and also cost employers more to build, private offices are still useful for certain tasks. “The closed office clearly has a place,” says Becker. Some tasks require a high level of concentration, focus and privacy.

First of all, you should analyze the organization, it’s needs, processess, culture and also decide for yourself. Consider two most important predictors of job performance:

1. The ability to do distraction-free work for teams and individuals.

2. The ability to have easy, frequent, informal interactions.

Here it comes, a conflict between Privacy and Collaboration. Becker recommends a range of small-scale four- to eight-person rooms. They can be in a room fully isolated or clustered in a larger space (Just look at our Rookie office!). “There are times when someone needs total privacy, but no one works eight hours a day in the total concentration mode. You work in spurts; so you need to have the chance to get privacy when you need it.”

It is not only about working in cubicles, but also how can you make your place enjoyable to work.

Imagine yourself working in a bright, organic and playful environment. Check these 10 seriously cool places to get basic ideas of how you can improve your working place. Also, 12 ways to pimp your office. Bring your bean bag, cushions or something, that makes you feel cosy, comfy and open to collaboration. Here is a nice example, how 4DS.ync improved their space. 

Holly Blue is going to make a report about most remarkable and creative office spaces at RMI next week!


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