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Where to find the next best band?

Next Best Band 

In the Netherlands alone, there are about 15.000 unknown bands, waiting for that one chance to break through.  As I experienced myself, unknown bands hardly ever get a chance to perform outside their region. As a band from Amsterdam, it is relatively easy to arrange several gigs there. But as soon as you try to break down the borders, you get shot down! Band contest are bound by several rules, of which the location of the band is always a big issue. Smaller bars think that bands from outside the city won’t bring enough fans and you forget about the bigger venues of course.

Platforms such as Ongekend Talent and Next Best Band try to create a bridge between the band and the rest of the Netherlands, by organising band contests for example. The band with the most votes wins the festival spot, the opportunity to open for a popular band from the states or to record a video clip. Next Best Band takes this a little further and organised a Next Best Band Tour. Four cities, four venues, three rounds, a total of 12 shows with a total of 18 bands, each one of them talented enough to be the Next Best Band.

Every tour consist out of 2 bands who get to play at some of the largest venues of the Netherlands: Hedon (Zwolle), Patronaat (Haarlem), 013 (Tilburg) and Tivoli (Utrecht), each night  a local talent will accompany them. A great opportunity for all the bands involved, a good promoted gig, at a well-known venue and the best thing is, the bands only have to show up.


Tonight Next Best Band is at Hedon Zwolle. Dudettes (which you may have heard live at radio 3FM this week) and Birth of Joy will be accompanied by local talent De Geweldigheid.

Doors open at 20.00 and entrance is €7 and €5 voor students and CJP cardholdes.

June 9th, you can join the Next Best Band team at Tivoli de Helling in Utrecht. This time Audio Adam will accompany Dudettes and Birth of Joy. A combination sure to rock your night!

Doors open at 19.30 and entrance fee is the same.

See you there!


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